White Labeling Services:
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At Se7enLeaf, we strongly believe the winning combination for your brand is letting you focus on the marketing and sales of your products, while allowing our Team to take care of all the behind the scenes work that takes your products from conception to the retail shelf ready.

We offer several different white labeling options, which are customized to fit any or all of your supply chain needs.

At Se7enLeaf, we have the capabilities to offer you white labeling services for a wide variety of products, which include but are not limited to the following:


Vape Cartridges:

0.3G | 0.5G | 1G
We offer a wide selection of vape cartridges and disposable vapes, as well as a variety of different sizes and over 50 different house blend formulations. Our cartridges are PG / PEG / VITAMIN E Free – we do NOT use ANY cutting agents in our cartridges.

• Distillate Based Cartridges
• Live Resin and Sauce Based Cartridges
• Disposable Vape Cartridges with batteries


15ML | 30ML | 60ML
We offer several different types of Sub-Lingual tinctures, ranging from Distillate Based to Full-Spectrum with over 50 different flavor formulations available.

  • Distillate Based
  • Full-Spectrum Based
  • THC, THCA, CBD and CBDA Based
  • Naturally and/or artificially Flavored

Oral Sprays:

0.5 OZ | 1 OZ
We have several different types or oral sprays available for white label.

  • Distillate Based
  • THC and/or CBD Based
  • Naturally and/or artificially Flavored
  • Metered-dosing available

Topical Products:

Topical products are applied directly to the skin and are great to alleviate pain, inflammation and many other ailments.

  • Salves, Lotions and Creams
  • Transdermal Formulations available
  • THC, THCA, CBD and CBDA Based
  • Synergistic effect based essential oils, herbs and other ancillary ingredients available

Rosin & Live Rosin:

0.5G | 1 G
Pressed from only the highest quality flower, we offer several strains of solvent-free extracted rosin.

  • Pressed from highest quality flower
  • High Terpene Strains available
  • Concentrate based Rosin also available upon request

THCA Extract (highly Purified):

0.5G | 1G
Our highly refined direct-use THCA Extract is not an isolate. This is a very unique THCA extract. We’ve removed all waxes and lipids for a more refined experience, but we’ve intentionally left in some of the precious terpenes that enhance flavor.

  • Up to 99.9% Pure THCA
  • Some Terpene content maintained for flavorful consumption
  • Mechanically Pressed from a High Terpene
  • Full Spectrum Extract


One of the most effective ways to consume cannabis is through capsules,. Capsules are taken orally and are quickly absorbed through the digestive system.

  • THC, THCA, CBD and CBDA available
  • Veggie capsules with interlocking system to avoid leakage
  • Terpene Blends, Essential Oil Blends and Natural Ingredients formulations used to
    enhance effects


Minis | 0.5G | 1G
We source high quality flower from all over California to fill our pre-rolls with. Our flower is carefully inspected and then grinded and we do not use any trim or shake in our pre-rolls, only the best flower.

  • Our pre-rolls come nicely packed in cones
  • We only use flower to fill our pre-rolls – no trim or shake


We offer our customers various types of flower – from outdoor to greenhouse/light dep to indoor – we have it all. Our flower is sourced from vetted cultivators who we know can provide us with a reliable, consistent supply of material to support your brand’s growth.

  • Flower sourced directly from vetted cultivators by our procurement team
  • we primarily package flower in jars and bags, however more unique packaging is available upon request.
  • Output capabilities of up to 10 lbs per shift

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