Cannabis Toll Processing Services
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Se7enLeaf has the latest equipment in extraction and refinement technology and our laboratory team has over a decade of experience processing cannabis.

We have the ability to extract and process many of the various cannabinoid derivatives and we produce only the purist products available on the market.


Extraction Services:

Se7enLeaf offers multiple extraction Methods to process Biomass, including extractions using volatile and non-volatile solvents.

  • Mechanical Press / Isolation
  • Chilled Ethanol
  • Light Hydrocarbon

Post-Processing & Refinement Services:

We can take your crude oil and turn it into almost anything through our refinement services. We also offer remediation services for biomass that needs further processing.

  • Winterization
  • Distillation
  • Isolation
  • Remediation / Solvent Removal

Flower Processing Services:

You can bring us your biomass and we offer full toll processing services to transform it into whatever end product you need.

  • Trim
  • Flower
  • Crude Oil
  • Distillate

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