Product Hardware
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From vape cartridges, to capsules, to tincture bottles and everything in between, Se7enLeaf has you covered.

Se7enLeaf is also able to offer the latest in vape line hardware (batteries, cartridges, chargers, etc.) so consumers can get the most out of your product.

Se7enLeaf is able to offer clients a turn-key solution with hardware for most products on the market.

Electronic Cigarettes

Vape Cartridges

We source our vape hardware from all over the world and are able to offer clients a wide variety of options that have been vetted by our team for quality and reliability.

Vape Disposables

All-In-One Disposable vapes are on the rise and we have several options available for our clients

Cartridge Batteries

From regular 510 thread batteries to more customizable battery options, we know how to ensure your vape product will function at maximum efficiency with the right battery.

Tincture Bottles

We have a selection of childresistant tincture bottles that come in different colors and sizes.

Oral Spray Bottles

Our oral spray bottles have metered dosing so your customers know exactly how much cannabis they are consuming per dose.

Flower Jars

Child-Resistant bags and jars are our most popular packaging options for flower and we offer different colors and sizes

Pre-Roll Tubes

We offer glass and/or plastic tubes, in different color combinations.

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