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Private & White Label Services:

At Se7enLeaf, we strongly believe the winning combination for your brand is letting you focus on the marketing and sales of your products.

Product Formulation:

Se7enLeaf has a dedicated and experienced Laboratory Team that is ready to help transform the vision for your product into a reality.

Bulk Oil:

Se7enLeaf has ties to multiple suppliers and growers which allows our team to consistently provide large volumes of bulk oil to our clients. Our bulk oil is laboratory certified and passes all state required testing benchmarks to ensure it is mold, microbial, pesticide and hydrocarbon free.

Bulk Distillate:

Se7enLeaf is able to offer its clients large volumes of distillate, from premium to ultra premium quality. Our distillate is laboratory certified and passes all state required testing benchmarks to ensure it is mold, microbial, pesticide and hydrocarbon free.

Vape Cartridges:

Se7enLeaf specializes in the white labeling of vape cartridges, from producing the premium to ultra premium quality vape cartridge oil to providing the reliable hardware that is necessary for your customers to get the most out of their vape cartridge experience. We have large scale production, filling and packaging capabilities to ensure we can keep with with the scaleable needs of your vape cartridge line.

Extraction Services:

At Se7enLeaf, we understand the potential challenges involved with the proper extraction techniques, and we are able to provide solutions for them.

Filling & Hardware Services:

From vape cartridges, to capsules, to pre-rolls and everything in between, Se7enLeaf has you covered.

Packaging Services:

Whether you need packaging design services for your product, or you already have a packaging design and just need them packed, Se7enLeaf is equipped both with the personnel and the equipment to help.

Post-Processing & Refinement Services:

Se7enLeaf has the latest equipment in refinement technology and our Post-Processing and Refinement Team has a track record of incredible results.

Distribution & Transportation Services:

Se7enLeaf’s distribution arm is heavily focused on the Southern California marketplace, with capabilities that also extend all the way up the entire California coast.

Consulting & Compliance Services:

Are you an entrepreneur who’s thinking about starting a cannabis business but not sure exactly where to start?

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