About Our Company

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Who we are

Se7enLeaf is a city and state licensed contract manufacturer, processor and distributor of cannabis products, located in Costa Mesa, CA, and heavily focused on catering to the Southern California marketplace. Se7enLeaf offers our clients a one-stop supply chain infrastructure that is a partnership solution to directly support your brand. Se7enLeaf is a front running example of a cannabis industry leader with ties to licensed cultivators and testing laboratories to ensure consistent quality of the highest standards throughout the supply chain process, all the way through to the final production of any cannabis products from our facility.

As a safe, legal, regulated and organized cannabis manufacturing, processing and distribution company, Se7enLeaf is able to provide the highest quality cannabis products with consistency, trust and continued innovation, to its clients all over California.

Our Foundations

Se7enLeaf was founded by three business professionals with strong beliefs in the medicinal benefits of cannabis and wanted to help play a role in the wide-scale, global movement to make a variety of the highest quality cannabis products more accessible to patients. The Se7enLeaf Management Team brings to the cannabis industry over twenty years of experience in supply chain solutions within the Technology, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing sectors of the market. At Se7enLeaf, we have tailored all of our operations to match the following criteria:

  • Efficient Supply Chain Management

  • Proper Quality Assurance and Quality Control

  • Full Compliance with all City, County and State Regulations

  •  Creation and Implementation of Evolving Operational Procedures

Se7enLeaf is a proud member of the California Cannabis Industry Association.


Southern California's Premier Contract Manufacturer, Processor and Distributor To Support Your Cannabis Products